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I'm a startup founder, board member and general tech agitator.

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How I think

  • Data, algorithms, and the question to be answered are not separable.  Systems thinking is required.

  • Statistics, ML, and AI are all based on the same classical thinking that is taught at school.  Causal requires Bayesian & network thinking.

  • Understand the domain, then the maths, and only then the code.  If you start with the code / models, you will be trapped inside somebody else's assumptions.

  • Listen not to what the market asks for, but for what the market needs.

  • Descriptive analytics trumps all.  Stare at the data and discover the patterns.  Be a detective, just like Columbo!

  • In multi-disciplinary companies and industries, the biggest opportunities as well as failures can come from the many languages used.  Scientists, engineers, software coders etc all think and speak differently.

About Raminderpal

Raminderpal is currently leading the open-source community, as well as being the CEO and founder of Incubate Bio.  He is known for taking Watson Genomics to market, while at IBM Research (NY), and for being named as one of the Top 13 Influencers in the Semiconductor Industry.   Raminderpal advises many tech start-ups and sit as a Board member, both in the US and Europe.  Raminderpal has a PhD in semiconductor substrate modeling.  He enjoys long distance running.

More ...

Dr. Raminderpal Singh is a technology entrepreneur and business advisor, working in both the US and UK / Europe.  He has built technologies and companies in the Semiconductors, IOT, and Healthtech industries and is currently a Techbio KOL (Key Opinion Leader) in the Life Sciences industry.  Throughout his career, Raminderpal has successfully led and supported businesses building computational modeling technologies where differentiated algorithms and data are critical.


  • Industry Impact: - This global community of scientists and data scientists supporting the early drug discovery are working together under a non-profit open-source charter to accelerate the adoption of AI.  This is creating a level playing field for small to mid-size biotechs, alongside their well funded large biopharma colleagues.

  • Technology:  ALaSCA Causal AI platform for Drug Discovery - The ALaSCA platform has been developed at Incubate Bio, implementing a Bayesian-network based method developed by Prof Judea Pearl (UCLA).

  • Sales: IBM partnership with New York Genome Center (NYGC) - This multi-year cross-licensing deal required complex financial, IP, and Statement of Work terms. Raminderpal led the negotiation team for IBM, which included the IP & General Counsels and an IBM SVP.


  • Technology strategy development (leading to strong moats and IP).

  • b2b licensing / software / services sales (rainmaking, deal process, contracts, and deal closing) with small and large brand companies.

  • Competitive analysis (market and technology).

  • Building teams (skilled and global).


  • Incubate Bio (England, US, South Africa) - CEO, co-founder, and Board member; Techbio, AI [2021 - ]

  • Squad Robotics (Latvia) - Co-founder, SVP of Technology Strategy, and Board Member; Industrial machines, AI [2018 - 2021]

  • Macromoltek (US) - Director of Sales, Board Advisor; Techbio, AI [2018 - 2022]

  • Eagle Genomics (England) - VP of Sales, Head of Microbiome Division; CPG, Techbio, AI [2015 - 2018]

Advisory roles

  • LifeQ (US, South Africa) - Healthtech, IOT, AI [2018 - 2020]

  • Agamon Health (Israel, England) - Healthtech, AI [2018 - 2021]

  • Raremark (England) - Healthtech, AI [2018 - 2021]

  • HipFire Games (Finland) - Games [2018 - 2020]

  • (England) - IOT [2018]

  • University of California, Berkeley SMART DUST program (US) [1998-2001]


  • IBM Research (US) - Director of Business Development, Senior Member of Technical Staff [2008 - 2015]

  • IBM Market Analysis (US) - Semiconductor Market Analyst [2007 - 2008]

  • IBM Semiconductors R&D Center (US) - Senior Engineering Manager [2001 - 2007]

  • Cadence Design Systems (US) - Senior Software Engineer [1997 - 2001]

  • 3i Group plc (England) - Venture Capitalist [1991 - 1992]

Industry Bodies


  • PhD, University of Newcastle (UK), Modelling of Substrate Coupling using Spice in Mixed-Signal Circuits [1997]

  • Bachelors, Imperial College, London University, [1991]

Books, Patents, and Publications

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